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Single Missing Tooth in Tupelo, MS

If you have missing teeth, Dr. Michael Robertson is the leader in north Mississippi periodontics to restore the health and beauty to your smile with dental implants.

Traditional Treatments Cause Problems for Patients with Missing Teeth

Single Missing Tooth in Tupelo, MS

Dental implants are best for missing teeth because traditional methods, such as dentures and dental bridges, usually cause complications. Patients with missing teeth lose the daily stimulation that natural teeth give the jaw bone to keep it strong. Conventional appliances can’t replace this function because they rest on the gum line. In time, th e bone deteriorates and facial muscles collapse, making dentures even harder to live with, because they lack the support they need to stay in place and do their job. Traditional appliances are still available for missing teeth, but this what they do:

  • Removable partial dentures: To replace missing teeth, a flexible, flesh-colored base with artificial teeth held together with plastic and metal is attached to the gums with little clips. These have a 30 percent failure rate and will need to be replaced every five to seven years.

  • Fixed partial denture/Three Unit Bridge: This replaces missing teeth by filling in the spaces between two existing teeth. To make the bridge fit, the natural teeth are grinded down, making them more vulnerable to injury and decay. This also has a 30 percent failure rate and needs replacing every few years.

Dental Implants Are a Better Alternative for Missing Teeth

More patients with missing teeth choose north Mississippi periodontics for dental implants with Dr. Robertson because they look and feel best. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or have many missing teeth, our decay-resistant titanium dental implants can replace them. Just like real teeth, dental implants secure tightly to the jaw bone for a permanent smile that functions the same as human teeth. Dental implants even lend support to dental bridges for patients who prefer to keep their appliance but want better functioning. Dental implants can fix one or more missing teeth in two ways:

Dental implants at each location. Individual dental implants can often be placed wherever the patient has missing teeth, especially if there is enough remaining jaw bone. For patients who do have bone loss, Dr. Robertson can perform a bone graft first.

Implant supported dental bridge. For patients with missing teeth who want to use a dental bridge, dental implants are great because the appliance doesn’t rely on any natural teeth – it relies on the implants instead. After the implants are placed, patients wear a temporary set of teeth (flipper) for about six months while the implants fuse to the bone and then they receive permanent teeth.

North Mississippi periodontics with Dr. Robertson is where people with missing teeth go for a healthy smile. Dental implants can change your life, too. Call us today for a consultation.

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