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Dental Implants in Tupelo, MS


Accidents, gum disease and tooth decay have caused as many as 69 percent of adults to lose a tooth by age 44. By age 74, more than 25 percent of adults are missing all of their natural teeth.

For people who have missing teeth, north Mississippi periodontist Dr. Michael Robertson suggests dental implants. Decades of scientific research and the successful outcomes of thousands of patients who have dental implants make it today’s preferred treatment over traditional dentures and bridges.

Unlike dental implants, which are surgically placed in the jaw to function like human teeth, conventional appliances aren’t as reliable or comfortable and can cause serious complications. Dentures sit on the gum line, can be irritating and tend to slip and make noise, despite efforts to keep them secured. They also lead to bone loss and sagging facial muscles, because they don’t touch or stimulate the jaw bone the way dental implants do. And bridges create stress and wear on the natural teeth they use to function. To accommodate a bridge, two existing teeth need to be grinded down, which places them at risk for damage.

Dental Implants Improve Quality of Life

Titanium dental implants from north Mississippi periodontist Dr. Michael Robertson are often the better solution for patients with missing teeth, because they actually look and behave like real teeth. Dental implants are made with a body-compatible titanium metal that integrates very easily with the jaw (osseointegration). Dental implants actually take on the role of missing teeth, because they engage the bone every day, keeping it healthy and active the same way human tooth roots do. Titanium dental implants are also decay resistant and they’re built to last. Patients who wear dental implants can expect to have them for decades – even a lifetime – with good oral hygiene.

Please read more about why dental implants are today’s preferred treatment for missing teeth over dentures and bridges. For a dental implants consultation, please call north Mississippi periodontist Dr. Michael Robertson today.

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